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"Each reading consists of my accessing amazing information that will, (with the consent of you and your personal “ Spiritual Healing Team”, which may include"...

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 "I am a soul messenger, mystic (clairaudient and clairvoyant), medium, Quantum Light worker and a Clear Channel Communicator," ... 

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Welcome to JG Soul Messenger

"I am a Magnificent Being of Light and so are You!" 

"It's no accident you arrived at this site. This is your divine appointment. Yes there is a magnificent higher expression of yourself that wants you to wake up from the idea that you are just a human being. You are so much more than that! I believe that you are just like I was....searching. Well, I invite you to explore this site and see if something doesn't stir you from within. You may find your answers are waiting for you through one of my workshops, readings, channellings. I'm excited for are ready to meet "your tribe" of awakened souls!"