Personal & Group Readings

"Reading are either in person at my residence (in my sacred meditation room) or by Skype.
​Private one on one sessions are the norm. I have, however done group readings for couples and small groups. At the beginning of the session, I ask for the consent of you and your
personal “ Spiritual Healing Team”, which may include not only your personal Guide but also other Angels, Star Beings, or spiritual healers from other dimensions and kindred souls. Each reading consists of my accessing amazing information that will offer you clarity, soul healing, transformation and guidance that will enhance your daily life."

Jg is  a clear channel communicator, who will give you valuable insight, not only into your Sacred Contract, but also those past lives issues that are influencing your present life situation. Most clients express a profound shift of consciousness  during or shortly after just one hourly session, feeling empowered and uplifted.

Several returning clients have also exclaimed that they have experienced  lasting effects from their session, as quickly after just a few days and continuing up to several months afterwards, experiencing a more positive outlook, a comforting sense that their personal "healing team" was guiding them in their personal as well as business relationships and joyfully transforming their lives.

You too, can leave feeling  empowered, validated and inspired. Miracles seem to happen after just one session with Jg! 

Schedule your transformational personal soul session with JG Spiritual Messenger, Now!