About Me                


I am a Soul Messenger, Mystic (clairaudient and clairvoyant), Medium, Quantum Light Minister, Clear Channel Communicator and Visionary.

 As a small child, I had reoccurring spiritual visions that baffled my family, but not me. It seemed my normal way of experiencing this world.  During my adolescence and young adulthood there were periods when these visions would lie dormant and then resurface with renewed insight. 

I started to doing automatic writing, psychometry, reiki, channeling my Higher Self, and reading for others. All the while constantly doubting my authenticity, yet there was always that small all knowing spiritual part of me beckoning me to search for answers. It was a constant pull between my Ego and Spirit. Was all of this my egoic need to be different or was I really remembering my divine self?  Either way, my ego wanted to be in charge, insane or “enlightened”. I desperately wanted for this questioning battle to end.  


It wasn’t until more than decade ago  that I would get my answers, but first I would have to survive a NDE (Near Death Experience), resulting in my being spontaneously healed of Stage IV lymphoma of the liver. My answers came  a few weeks later, when I lapsed into a coma ( neurological sleep) lasting three weeks. 


It was during that time, I reviewed my Divine sacred contract with my guide, Shayla. I saw clearly how necessary it was that I experience this life as a Portuguese Criole, gay, intuitive,  both abused and abandoned as a child, married, an adoptive parent, a 22 year AF war veteran, a dancer, an actor,  a director, a crack addict, HIV/AIDS infected (with a now undetectable viral load), AND spontaneously healed of stage IV lymphoma of the liver.


I knew that in order to be effective in helping others, I needed be who I am and go through those experiences, so that others could identify with me and listen to the "messages". That is why I chose to experience my “dark night of the soul/ego”. Why I had to go through racism, homophobia, drug addiction, life threating disease, depression, losing my home, numbing grief over my mother, father, brother and wife’s deaths, losing all my possessions, but most of all finally surrendering, in despair, my limited concept of God. 


I knew that it was part of my soul contract to do this “check in” to decide if I would return and become a clearer channel… a soul messenger.  Upon awakening from my neurological sleep, I began to heal quickly;  mentally, physically, but most importantly, spiritually.


I was led to a 12-step recovery program which led me to an expansive, loving Higher Power who led me to my soul discovery. I discovered that I had lived a life full of resentments of a Past, daydreaming of a Future full of "someday gifts and treasures", but always dissatisfied with a lacking Present. I learned that there was only Now. All my power was in the Now and I was now being powerfully  “made over”;  mentally, physically and spiritually.


 Mentally, I became grounded and open to love authentically.  I came out of the closet,  and meet my soul mate, whom I would marry seven years later. 

Physically, I was led to another 12-step program for food addiction and lost 100 lbs. which I have maintained for past six years.
Spiritually, I was led to a new spiritual 
community, one that is diverse and accepting of everyone, and believes in a loving presence: "One God, Many Paths".

How appropriate is that.


As I continued “waking up”, I was introduced to Quantum Light Weaving (a spiritual process of removing negative Ego defeating blocks). In the first of many sessions, I made contact with my personal healing spiritual team of Guides, Spiritual Healers and Star Beings from other dimensions and galaxies. When that first session ended, I immediately started  to “read” for everyone present, seeing not only their individual healing teams, but also the past lives that were effecting/“overshadowing” their present life situations. 


It was the beginning of my present life’s plan. Since then I have channeled my Higher Self, received automatic writings from the "Federation of Souls" ( a collective group of Enlightened Beings in other dimensions), read for several hundred people, been inspired to create spiritually transformative workshops, and know beyond a shadow of doubt that all of it comes from Divine Intelligence/GOD, the Creator. I am one of God’s soul messengers that he has led on this path to discovery.


This journey has brought me full circle from my mystical child to being a soul messenger. I hope I inspire you, dear seeker, through my writing, channeling, empowering workshops, art and theater, to wake up and connect with your awesome, powerful Magnificent Soul, so full of unlimited creative potential. 


I am so humbly grateful that I have been given valuable insights and the ability to deeply empathize with my brothers and sisters and joyfully be an inspiration of God’s light on this planet. 


Namaste,  (the divine in me greets the divine in you)