Soul Messenger

Jg , Sac Soul Talks host, will also share his spiritual journey, and his channelled information about : "Renew the New" .


Manager, Minister & Mystic

Christina will share with us her journey through life; with stops along the path to becoming her authentic Self. The unfolding has included roles as Corporate Manager, Interfaith Minister and blossoming Spiritual Mystic.
As she completes one season of life she is learning to bring in the harvest; to sort the chaff from the seed to glean all the goodness. 
She invites you to come and explore this idea together.

​​Anonymous Transgender Woman

Retired in 2013 after 45 years in criminal justice (deputy sheriff, correctional sergeant and criminal justice program director at a junior college).  Prior to her criminal justice career she spent spent four years in the military during the Vietnam war.  Seven years ago after much soul searching she embarked on a major life change.  She has reestablished her place in the community.

April Speakers' Bios

Amina Zamani

Life Coach

Amina ,  recent San Francisco TEDTalk speaker, is well-trained in Neuro-Linguisitic Programming (NLP), coaching, and hypnosis. She listens and sees people on a different level than most others do. Amina works with highly-functioning people, who are already awake to help them see the patterns in their lives that are not working. She works with people’s passion to help them with “what’s next”. She sees the gaps in their psyche, especially around gaps with money. She understands limiting beliefs in a very strategic way and is great at helping others recognize their own and change them.

Amina and her family have lived the tragedy to triumph story. For more of her amazing journey  click here.

 Brenda Boles 

Featured April Guest Artist