Channeled Messages from The Federation of Souls 
These are automatic writings channeled to Jg from the Federation Of Souls
(Spiritual Beings from other Dimensions)

4/20/11 7:00p Greetings dear one. We are the federation of souls visiting you within your reality. We are the grantors of your visions, your aspirations, your talents, and your creations. Through our desire spring forth yours. The title of the this book is a work in progress. Whether you decide, and it is your choice, to speak it from your perspective or dictate it from ours, the content will still be the same. Ours will be from the macro perspective and yours the minor. We do not mean the content will be anymore or less. Understand that. Truth will always be from the viewpoint and experiences coalesced. So let us begin with our statements, our truths as the Divine is sprung from our essence. You have always felt an urging toward completion of this loving task. You speak the unique language that will be understood on the basic cellular level and then felt within the spiritual. You have experimented with Consciousness on three levels. Let us explain. Felt in the physical, emotional and spatial spirituality. (time and space). There is always a blending of these three lenses through GOD (within your world/dimension). As you experience our urgings you will begin to develop a deeper sense of your Higher Self’s calling. There is of course distortion on your part, mostly because of your human container. You process most of your experience through the thought processes. You are just beginning to understand that the human heart houses the imprint of your Divinity. How will this affect our communications with you? Right now you are not trusting totally and are constantly evaluating the context of our comments. We know that you are transcribing and translating unwritten felt vibrations into your words and then formulating the gist of what we are imprinting into you. This will  improve as we and you adjust those vibrations and frequencies. It is vital so that the information downloads as pure and transformative for your Soul’s growth and expression. Of course, there will be parallels that will be clear for the readers and observers of your “productions”(books, plays, movies, dance, all expressions of the Arts, written, visual, and collaborative, workshops and the like). Do you want to pause? Now that you have reread all of this so far, twice....we will leave you this to reflect on. D=y! (Divinity equals even the little you!) All of Divinity is through you and throughout ALL. D=y+Y+D*^(Divinity equals you plus the Higher You plus Divinity multiplied beyond). A very simplistic equation of GOD. Rest. We believe you wanted twenty minutes. With much admiration for your courage and desire to receive.  4/20/11 7:24p

​4/21/11 8:40p The channel is open.  Thank you for connecting with us. As we said before we will usher in a new paradigm with you. Constant attention is needed. Now for our description. We are
a collection of souls that have an agreement to hold the vision for your dimension/reality. It is very difficult to explain it to you in terms that you will fully understand. Words at times can be misleading, however feeling-tones are more accurately transmitted. We do not use words in our experiences. We do however exchange experiences with each other simultaneously or should I say without a time delay, spontaneously we are constantly creating and recreating our experiences based on the layering of our feeling-tones and creations. You do the same when you dialogue with us. Like now. Each pause you experience is a creation being manifested. Long pauses are spontaneous exchanges that produce an overload in your circuitry. Time and Space or spatial spirituality is the event sequencing that happens in your reality. We do not have the lapses that you do; we merely stretch into your dimension with our intentions. All is divine, however. You are having a difficult time. It is good that you are writing it down without censorship. It is good practice so that as you trust us  and we are able to blend with your consciousness, it will become clearer and not convoluted. No, we do not see you as a holographic image as you suppose. Even holographic imagery is a human constraint, a manipulation, an interpretation of other dimensions that we see superimposed on the reality you chose to operate in and through. How we view you will be discussed later in more detail, once you have the fundamental understanding of the subtleties that are presented in this form of communication. We would like to address what your channel partner diagramed. Rudimentary, yet it was helpful for you to understand the overlaying of Soul Structuring/Loving Support and Nurturing. The rings are not correct. That is the symbols you use. Think of a dense fog that undulates and permeated through all the layers and still that suggest space and all souls are co-mingled in a way you can’t comprehend. All of you still have your measurements of above and below, rings within rings, layers, etc. We have blendings with no hierarchy. There is an order that has no separation, no space. What you perceive as space we experience as the fullness within that. Very difficult to explain. We are all connected. All is One. We divide it so you won’t feel insignificant or get lost or lose your identity, Ego. You are seeing through your Ego’s interpretation of Spirit. We do not see or feel.....We Are. You Are. Always. Even the  concept of becoming is so that you can have space within to grow. Do you see? Understand that. Our time is done. Again dear one, we celebrate your courage to trust and explore and BE. 4/21/11 9:06p

4/22/11 8:58 We are ready. We are always aware of your yearnings/presence. We do not mean to suggest that we are privy to your thoughts, feelings and general experiences. You must send us a
conscious beam for us to link to. In other words, it is your desire, request, or questing that signals us to bond with you. Sometimes we are guided by your “healing team” or your Spiritual Guide/s to offer them insight into those situations that allow for more clarity or a wider scope of vision. From our vantage point, we can view a multitude of possibilities and alternate Nows being created out of your reality and of course their dimension. Ours is as we stated before, a blending of all those exchanges. Let us explain further. You constantly create out of your immediate experience a multitude of possibilities. Each one (possibility) creates a pathway that branches out into its own reality. Of course all the incarnated souls that are involved in that transaction/drama are doing the same and each soul is charting a pathway moment by moment as that particular soul is experiencing its event with all of the subtle blending s of all those other involved souls’ interactions. Now.....your Spiritual Guide/s are also effecting you by inspiring and encouraging you to reach for a greater potential and the process continues on but, remember this is just one event, happening to one soul, and you are constantly changing that event into other creations. When we experience you, we become aware of all of your creations along with all of those souls’ creations involved in that drama. Collectively we receive all that information when your Guides send us a pathway for (requesting) our guidance and that process is amplified by all the many Souls and Guides that we oversee. Remember we are explaining this to you from your concept of Time and Space; which is your construct, not our, yet.....we can slip into your experience and feel your intention. I hope you are beginning to grasp how broad our focus is, dear one and that we have only explained ONE given moment that has given birth to countless possibilities.  9:17 (phone rings) We will pause. 9:31 Very well. You have not lost any information. Remember each pause is your disconnect or short circuit. We understand. At any rate we wish to honor your commitment to twenty minutes and we have agreed that what was given is complete. Again with much admiration and our constant uplifting support. 4/22/11 9:35

4/23/11 9:43p With a generous heart we open ours to yours. We wish to talk to you about Love and the benefit it serves you on your planet. Your ideas and fabrications around that subject are
superficial and possessive. We will show you how you expect to receive it  without the responsibility attached to it. Yes, Love has responsibility. You are responsible for insuring that ALL is cherished and adored. Everything on your planet is a breathing, feeling entity. You see, you are made of the same stuff, your atoms, molecules, emanations, auric fields radiate Love. God is Love, you are God, and everything within and outside of your reality and influence emanates God. So Love and God are the same. God does not ‘Love’, nor do you. Ponder that. You are, in fact, Love in human expression, every interaction as we stated in our last exchange is Love in the act of creating itself anew, moment by moment, thus We are ‘in love, through love, extending our essence (Love) beyond universes upon end. In other realms, souls being expressed are aware of their Godhood and of course shine their loving lights into the eyes of those not yet awake in your realm. It is you, dear one, that has chosen to awake to yourself and because you are able to speak the language, you also are capable of remembering  your promise to stir the memories of who you are to your sleeping brothers and sisters. Through humor, theatrics, song and imagery, you can weave with other awakening ones, a tapestry, a storyboard of symbols. Awakened beings are already present to collaborate with you. Look for them. Call them to you by intention. Lovingly. More than kind acts or words are needed. Hold the state of Love. Whenever you meet another sentient being, (animals, insects, plants, fish, rocks) see their creation as Love, embrace it consciously, for on a soul level it is automatic. It is your humanness, your self-centeredness, unconsciousness, non-forgiveness, possessiveness, and yes your aggressiveness, that clouds your openness and kindness. Yes, now as you gain awareness, you cannot remain speechless, defenseless nor remain motionless. You are your brother’s keeper as we are your keepers of truth. Awaken with this thought: You have chosen to awaken; you have agreed to this communication and as such we are responsible also (we have chosen) to remind you that you are Love, loved, and loving. So it is and is ever being. 4/23/11 10:15p

4/24/11 11:56p WE are available for you, now. The document was not lost, but for your education, it ‘disappeared’ from your reality....only to be re-created from ‘time machine’. How appropriate, so we may bring you the concept of time reappearing moment by moment as we have discussed. There is no time, period. It is another view super imposed on your landscape of space. If you did not dissect time into moments stretching into memories or image projections you would feel displaced. We of course do not need such a framework to navigate in. So when we communicate with you it is in the moment, the spacious moment that stretches and bends with your thoughts, your creations. Let us elaborate. You believe you move in a linear fashion, but we see a staccato of energy bursts so minute that it seems to flow to you. As each moment unfolds before you, you perceive leaving the previous moment behind you so to speak (your past). What you don’t realize is that when you daydream or visualize a future event, you are actually there in it and then return to your current present state. Only that is an illusion too, for that present state now includes a newly formed past and present that includes the memory of what you experienced in the future. It is confusing to explain because all of it (time) is happening in a spacious Now. No past, present, or future exist and yet as you create it, it seemingly becomes the new Now. Think about it. If you really understood the many expressions that are in your one moment awareness, plus all the probable thoughts you have, your conscious mind would be disoriented. Yours would be an insane world, never knowing where to place yourself. Therefor that dear one is why we say there is only Now always perfectly being. Can you see ‘now’ how foolish regret is? Disappointment? Worry? Identity? Rejoice in that you are constantly in movement and you’re forever in a state of becoming aware. We are more than aware. We want you to be aware. Lovely thoughts and loving embraces surround you as we hold a vision of your magnificence. 4/25/11 12:23a

4/25/11 11:21p  We are glad that you were present at the gathering of like souls on your planet. The leader (Robert Young) is a soul communicator that is there in your world to be of service out of gratitude for his life here. It is his desire to link those parts of his soul with the fragments/trauma/drama that allowed him to rearrange his vibrations so that he would be able to access those talents he spoke so grandly about. He has infused his being with galactic   essence/awareness. It is synchronistic that your session with Jim (client) brought about the same feeling-tones of his interplanetary cosmic realities. His healing team/s also aligned you so that
you were made aware of your cosmic heritage/lineage. A precursor of tonight’s session with Robert Young, who is also part of that lineage along with several (audience members)in attendance. It was confirmation for you. We are delighted that you opened a pathway for that experience to occur. Yes, you did, visit with us in the same fashion as Robert explained: multiple ‘star-tingles/starbursts’ that exploded and expanded your soul consciousness. It was truly a grand expansion of your divine essence. Your egoic self could not process such an expansion, so you ‘fainted’ into it unable to access its grandeur. Over time you will be able to translate this event into your consciousness with a new confidence, which will boost your creativity; resulting into a sense of empowerment. Inspired, you will trust God more, because you will have expanded your awareness of your Godhood. All of this translates into you being able to trust, by Robert’s example, how to effectively lead a workshop, give an engaging talk and be fully present with your audience. Therefore BE, allow yourself to step confidently into your Greater Self and be a true inspiration for others. We are inspired by your ability to trust  the process. We shall hold this vision for you until you are ready to step joyfully into it. All this and more is available for your pleasure. Stay grateful. 4/25/11 11:44p

 4/26/11 10:07p Let us begin with this thought. You are in the mind of God. So if you are God, then the Ego is out of the mind of God, and not of God. So you are ‘out of your mind’ insane so to
speak. So is the world in which Ego lives. It (the world) is an ‘insane asylum’. The greater ‘You’ knows this, embraces this illusion and holds a sacred space for you to awaken in. When you are fully awake, this illusionary asylum will disappear and you will see that it was ‘housed’ in heaven. This statement is disturbing and gibberish to the ego for it can’t step out of the illusion for illusion is its home, but it is not where you live, dear one. We are altering your vibrations, so that you can see a new pathway, you can look through ego’s dim vision and see the bright haze (veil) that obscures Divine Light. We shine for you until you can clear your vision. You have a faint recollection of how brilliantly you sparkle. A gaze of your divine light could, if you desired, illuminate ‘your world’ and all ‘your’ possible worlds beyond. Oh if only you would remember, how magnificent your potential is. You cannot imagine the magnitude. Even if we were to imprint your sensors, you would translate it into a minuscule of what we lovingly dilute in our transmission to you. Know that once you release yourself from your human container, the bonds you impose on your limitless creations would burst into a trillion newly formed stars that could populate galaxies. Tonight you heard that from the lessons of Jeshua as translated by the study group’s leader this evening. What all of you present did not focus on was that we and your Guides and Teachers  were there to elevate your consciousness with several of your companions’ (Course Mastery students). You, dear one, caught on as the energy patterns multiplied and accelerated ‘stirrings’. For a brief moment everyone present (also several others in alternate realities) awakened, then shifted back into his or her comfort zones. None of you realized how magnificent your striving had an impact on the universe and elevated the consciousness of others questing on your planet. Believe it for it is so....a pebble (idea) drops in an ocean and it is that action, pregnant with possibilities, that gives birth to new paradigms. Hard to believe, that one small group could generate the seeds of salvation. Believe and it is so. Know that it is so. Therefore, BELIEVE. We surround you with Love and applaud all of you and yes, you, along with your brothers and sisters have elevated your Selves in the process. Rejoice and accept this as Truth/God. 4/26/11 10:27p

 4/27/11 11:30p The channel is open. It is always open to you. You are the one that leans toward us. It is your yearning that appeals to us. Your integrity that shapes the discussions. In the far  recesses of your mind, you anxiously await the arrival of the book. It’ s potential is already fixed. The introduction will come when you meld with our vibrations. You could start it if you wish, but it would be of your ego and right now it is wanting to be center stage. It is saying, pick me and I’ll do it. That’s what you have always done in the past and you have always fooled yourself into believing that it is your creation. Creation is from the Source and the Source is the Divine. Trust is the issue. Or shall we say the lack of trust. Impatience. Wanting to be unique. Demanding that it be revealed in your ‘time’. We have patience with you. We delight in your uniqueness and your willingness. We are guiding you to look lovingly, as we do, your intent. Focus on that, for a moment. Then continue. Yes, be of service. Understand. You must be of service to others as well as yourself. Be gentle. There are correlations between your intent and our plan for you. We know that it seems difficult, especially this evening. You feel disconnected, yet you are the one still writing. Where do you think it is coming from? You do not ponder then write. You trust the writing and the words fill the page as we fill your heart with our love. Substance? Worry? Questions? Doubt? These words impede the process. Your ego is blocking transmission. Disjointed thoughts. You keep pulling back. We  understand. We realize that sometimes you want your say. Well, now let’s try it out. You write. [long pause] Now do you understand? Oh dear one. You are the vehicle through which we shine our light into your world. It is our desire to be with you. To be your companion on this journey of discovery. You have asked us from the depths of your soul to be exposed as the bright light that you are. Claim it. Revel in it. Do not be afraid. When we say claim it we are really saying Step Into Your Self and Expand. You need do nothing as you have read today. You need do nothing. Rejoice in that. We are done for now as you are having inner turmoil with that. Even as you write. You keep returning to that part of you that is frightened. That is the part that lacks trust. That is your ego rebelling at our communication. It is not powerful enough to make us stop, but we are respectful of the process. Be at peace, dear one. Let it be. Blessings. 4/27/11 Wait. You have not failed. That is an illusion. That is what your ego wants you to believe. Can you see it, feel it make you seem insignificant. A fraud. Yet still you type. You are beloved. You are of God. Remember that. You are loved beyond your beliefs. Now we will leave. Now we will shower you with abundance. Rest. 4/28/11 12:03a

4/28/11 11:08p We are ready to continue. We are glad that you are aligned with us. Tonight’s session was again confirmation that we are valid. So with that out of the way, We are ready to discuss soul travel within the context of transition. The topic/theme was around the sudden agreement/decision to “withdraw energy from the human form”.  We wish to share an alternate viewpoint and window. Instead of withdrawal of energy, you could easily say expansion of energy focused in an alternate reality, but in his case it was the wisdom of his soul, that he in agreement with all those souls he had a contract with, to sever karmic ties. The lesson (agreement) was learned in a flash, across all concerned and there was an immediate acknowledgement of completion and celebration. So having an expanded awareness of his magnificent soul, he was reabsorbed within his Soul’s matrix. You would, of course, interpret that he consciously withdrew from his earthly form. He did not withdraw his energy. Quite the opposite. He expanded into his true essence, his Higher Self. His consciousness could not remain focused within such a small speck of matter, this small envelope of fleshy matter, atoms. If you could understand it and experience (see/feel) it as we do, you would of witnessed a brilliant display, a bright flash of a million pulsating points of light that was amalgamated with cosmic intention. It is very hard to
find words to describe non-dimensional reality or more accurately a ‘Spacious Now’ pulsating with a vibrancy that has the full knowing of its Godhood. Reflect on that for a moment. Let it settle in your heart. [long pause] Ready? As you reread our communication, you for a brief moment remembered the transition process. If others are hearing or reading this, let them pause and reflect as well and they will feel a whisper, a faint recollection of having done the same, perhaps not in the same fashion/drama, but just as dramatic. Of course, there are those who transition and the ‘flash’ is so dramatic, that they may lose themselves and become disoriented. So they, being the powerful Beings that they are, recreate a reality which they could imagine while they were in  earthly form. It was not so in his case. He expanded with full awareness and memory of who he is. Integration was instantaneous, yet he left a trace, a trail of his consciousness and essence that can be accessed by love ones left behind. There is a fondness/tenderness in the expansion that moves in all directions (for human understanding/logic). In reality, ‘movement’(awareness) doesn’t happen directionally. It fills/expands/becomes/envelops/ transcends. It is love. All that was expressed in your group pointed to that. Remember we only offer an alternate view for you to explore. We do this to stretch your ideas of Love, Spirit, and Transition. All of it is Soul Expression. It is God being Human and Human Be-ing God. With profound Love, We adore your being.  4/28/11 11:47p

4/29/11 11:08p  We greet you in the name of all that is and will forever be the most divine expression of God that has ever existed throughout eternity and beyond all realms imaginable. The perfect aspiration that inspires every aspect of creation that contains the very essence of all that is. That is what you are; nothing more and nothing less than a perfect idea being recreated constantly with the breath of His desire. So, having expressed all that and having described who you really are, let us further elaborate. It does not even come close to what you will be when you fully awaken. You see, that description applies to everyone and every atom equally. Not one particle is less perfect than the other, nor is one more magnificent. You are probably wondering where are We going with all of this. Bear with us. There is a huge lesson for you to learn. Ready? It is because of your nature to explore who you are that you forget the obvious. See, each  one of you on your plane of existence compares yourself as being a “part of God” to a lesser degree with the hopes of becoming more. You all do this with your inventories of you character defects, desires (which supposes lack) and judgment (degrees of healing). You have your courses, classes and instruction manuals, your spiritual teachings, and of course your rituals that seem to connect you to Source. Ponder this. You ARE perfect, whole and complete, just as you ARE in the eyes of God. Ponder this. If you are truly God manifested as Spirit housed in Flesh (for humans, only) then you are also looking at yourself and knowing that you are God, and everything that you see, you are seeing through your God eyes. No exception. It is so simple and yet you create a mirror to see yourself as separate and in that image you see imperfection. Truly a distortion. You can look at the mirror again and see that the mirror reflects a You that is hiding. Playing a spiritual “hide and seek”. Come out, Come out, of the illusion, dear one. We have won. Tag you’re it. You have been found out. Now awaken. This has been a fun game we all play. All of us. Rejoice. Admit it. We’ve found you. Do you still want to play? Of course, you do. You’re still there, but guess what. For more than twenty minutes, you’ve been here with us. We still adore you. Love and be Love. 4/29/11 11:37p

4/30/11 10:50p  We are here. How wonderful that you have been consistent and willing. Believe us when we say that all will manifest in perfect order. Do not worry that we will run out of things to share. As long as you remain curious and open and willing to be God’s hands and voice, then we will serve as your way shower. We will point you toward your path and walk with you on it  if you care to have us. Shayla is overjoyed with your progress and wishes you God’s speed. In other  words, she is jesting for she knows as well as we do how impatient and easy for you to give in to ego’s fears and its demands. Remember you have all the time and space you need and then some. This fixation with 2012 is a myth. It is a yardstick to make you pay attention to the rising consciousness of your planet and her inhabitants. Believe it or not, your animals and plant life are vibrating with anticipation. There is a quickening happening or should we say an acceleration toward weaving a new matrix. Think of this image. In order to create an intricate tapestry, you must first create a pattern, then trace a guideline/outline and decide on what colors, types of material, before you even begin to needlepoint. All the while you doing this, you are holding a loose vision of what it will look like. You trust that you are inspired even though you do not know how much time or when it will be finished. You might have an idea of where the tapestry will hang or what final use it will fill. Are you following where we are going? So it is with your animals and plants and for those who are tuned in, anxiously awaiting the final creation. Now you are wondering where you are in this process. You are weaving along with your brothers and sisters all across the planet and are being show different patterns that your tapestry may take. The important point is that you all have agreed on creating this wonderful tapestry (planetary awakening) and from our position it is a wondrous endeavor. A lot of activity is happening. A newer version of yourselves has surfaced (star beings). An expansion has been occurring since the arrival of those beings you have been in communion with for the last 12 years. It began in the year 2000. Are you beginning to understand, why 2012 is significant? By then this transition will be in its puberty, and within twenty years... fruition of the first phase. Of course, all involved have free will, however those that entered this reality 12 years ago along with those still arriving have in their sacred contract your calling. We are using linear language when we speak of time. The blueprint was called forth by you who were born over 100 years ago. The seeds were planted by those pioneers. You are the gatekeepers of this uplifting. You are holding the vision through the intentions set long ago. We are your gatekeepers and are guiding you on your destiny. Of course, there are  karmic influences with this matrix that are being dissolved. Karma is merciful and joyfully accepted. It is the checks and balances that are so needed now. Remember: Do unto others as ye would have them do unto you, Lovingly and with God’s Grace. We embrace God’s Vision and hold it in sacred light. ​4/30/11 11:29p

5/2/11 12.18a We are delighted to be with you. Last night’s news of Osama bin Laden’s death and the crowd’s action showed the ego’s delight in believing justice was served and that violence in the name of peace is a wonderful justification. We are glad that you were not in that category and remained fairly neutral  when you were told about his death. Your dismay at the crowds cheering is your judgment, however. Find the compassion for those souls that are still learning about Love. Though they are not fully awakened, their intention is good. Underneath it all, they feel that not cherishing life on your planet is wrong, yet in our reality we understand that no death occurred. Just transformation of energy and the changing climate. Let us further elaborate. By climate, we mean the feeling-tones and emotional landscape has shifted. We see you all striving for Hope moving you closer to a more humane existence. One of cooperation and a deeper Understanding of Spirit. When this euphoria evaporates, the drama will still unfold. Will you learn the lesson to not retaliate with more violence, but to respond with love for ALL your brothers, even those you choose to see as OTHER. For is it not so that all are part of the whole and the whole is Divine. Our last communication, we spoke of those star beings that have arrived into your reality and those yet to come. They are holding sacred space and are reaching out with their loving energy to help heal your fragile planet and its inhabitants’ egos. Behind the bravado that is being   expressed is the desire for peace and unification. Let that be the reason for celebration. Let the lesson be that life is eternal and that there are no enemies. Only love exists. Where there seems to be villains, remember they are your brothers and are also on the path to enlightenment. Hold this vision for them. See them all on the path to awakening to who they really are. This is a great opportunity for you to heal also. Remember this: this event and the subsequent dramas that will unfold,  is a collaborative learning opportunity for all of you who are witnesses to it. How you respond is your individual choice. Choose to Love or Not. Either one will eventually arrive at the same destination: GOD. We love and support you. We adore your choices. You cannot fail. 5/2/11 12:47a

 5/2/11 10:25p We are here with you. There still remains the hysteria of yesterday. Now the media is involved with the fear factor. Retaliation. Reminding you to be vigilant. What we suggested  
was that this was a golden opportunity for healing and instead, you are choosing fear. Speculation and Worry seems to be the order of the day. That is how ego likes it. More drama. more victimization, the security of past behaviors are your drugs of choice. We invite you, dearest one to follow your heart. Chose to rely on the Truth. This (hysteria) too shall pass. Be ever mindful of this. What does it gain you? You can chose Peace instead as your playground. There are many who are leaning toward the alternative so you are not alone. Many are quietly waiting for someone else to lead them out of the darkness. Be that someone. It is a great time to restructure your way of being present in your world. Focus on still suffering ones and the myriad of plagues that besiege your world. Extend a helping hand. All that energy could be used for rallying support of community uplifting. Let his death be a legacy that transforms the oppressed. From our vantage point, we can see into your hearts. You are so close to healing. Let it happen. Speak your truth. Feel it call forth the best of all that you are. Jeshua turned the other cheek. So can you. So can all of you. Reflect on these thoughts as we send and enfold you with love. 5/2/11 11:04p

 5/4/11 12:07a  It is good to be with you again. We are always delighted to be present with  you
on your journey. So many await your arrival. The message you will bring is one of hope and courage to look within and see the way to their magnificent Self. They will discover, as you will, that the Higher You resides throughout your being. The Self is that part of you which knows it is God without question. No separation exists. You will help your brothers remember that their power on earth comes with unlimited potential. It is the dimension where thought intersects with intention that takes form within a formless void. It is as if there is expression being manifested out of nothing and that nothing holds all the elements that you perceive as solid. Hence three-dimensional reality is actually very vaporous using your description. You cannot fully accept nor comprehend the beauty of your thoughts/desire to constantly create. We all constantly create. You choose matter and form, we choose blendings and shadings of love tones that sets up a vibratory pathway for intention to form. So we are doing the same. Only the ‘material’ and playground are different. Our desire is to express and become and collapse and expand galaxies within our playground. All of our energies are diffused in a way that creates vacuums and currents that we envelope with our blended curiosities in a wondrous knowing of Divinity. Everything is connected. Every action gives way to another result that breathes a new idea that births a new world. It is truly a world without ending or beginning and we are comfortable with that. In your world you have progressive changes seemingly brought on by the confines of time and space. That is why you are constantly striving for understanding through beginnings and endings. You have a finite viewpoint and what you can’t measure is defined as eternity. You see, there is no eternity to measure. You are your own eternity within the expansion of your spirit. This may seem like rambling to you, but underneath it all you have that spark of divinity that knows itself is eternal, ever being. You will never arrive, for to arrive evokes a sense of completion and dear one you are always in a state of being, ever expanding. You are the breath of God. The inhalation and exhalation is as close to completion as you will ever get. There will be a you that is birthing the you that we see and then you will become again and again. You are God’s breath, so are We. Ponder that. Breathe in knowledge. In a sense, we are you breathing ourselves when we greet you. Love enfolds you in the loving light of assurance. 

5/4/11 12:55 a

5/4/11 10:17p  We are pleased to be with you. Now the gathering that is now present is rejoicing in your opening of spirit. The way of Mastery is just that, a way. We wish to offer you a pathway that is similar, but more tailored to our discussions. We are aware of your fascination with the prophet and messenger, Jeshua. He is a great role model for your time. We want you to understand as he did that he did not want to be idolized as your society has made him. He is Christ and so are you all Christ. We will constantly affirm that since you are of God and God is ALL, then even as you ‘sleep’ there is a Christ within you calling forth. Beaconing you to blend into ALL. You have the blueprint, so to speak that aligns you with your Creator and of course, all of your creations. You have moments when you align perfectly (Especially out of time and space’s illusionary borders). The Way of Mastery offers a pathway through the heart. It is a rudimentary one from our perspective. Yet, with all your illusions and sensory egoic manipulations, focusing on the heart is the quickest (most efficient) way to experience your Godhood or  Christhood. For all practical (tongue in cheek) purposes both (Godhood and Christhood) are interchangeable. We know this from our constant inclusion. You can only envision it through your belief and also the conquest of separation. Even when you admit that there is no separation, you will only know it when you truly experience Non-ness as equally as well as Oneness will you merge into Christhood. By non-ness we mean, no thought of Self versus inclusion of all Selves. Know that as we dialogue with you, we are also communicating with your true essence....that All Knowing, Non-Probing vibratory elemental: IS. That is why when saying “I AM, you send an intention that creates a  vibration that blends the ‘AM’ into OM. And that is GOD. Simply magnificent and always becoming ANEW. Again we are delighted to infuse you with our essence, our Love with your attention. ​ 5/4/11 10:40

 5/6/11 11:46p  Delighted to be with you. We are aligned and so are you. We have been watching how synchronicity (from your world view) has led you to those who support your choices. We will explain. The last ‘reading’ you did was to confirm that what is happening with your healing team and your clients is valid. The channel was a clear one, full of trust and humility. What you experienced was a glimpse of total surrender. A putting aside of your ego and allowing Spirit to speak through your form. You spoke of being of service as being the priority for your client and the same applies to you. You are agreeing to channel the information as pure you can even with the ego’s interference. The pauses that you are now experiencing (this transmission) are the lapses of consciousness. The gaps between the connections and translations. Yes, you have to trust that what the fingers are typing is being transmitted through without your thoughts, but our feeling-tones. All along we are offering materiel for your workshop. It is important for you to establish a framework of ideas that will gently guide the participants (in the workshop) toward their Higher Self. It must be done gently and with a guided pathway so that they will not be confused. The process must be entertaining, engaging as well as informative. Remember they are used to responding through ritual and ceremony. Do not succumb to those techniques. We will overshadow you. We have already imprinted to you the confidence of calling forth the guidance of each one’s healing team. It will charge the atmosphere of the gathering with an excitement as well as a deeper knowing and assimilation of the materiel. Visualization techniques will be necessary only to create a bridge to us for your and the group’s communication. The opportunity for this to occur is dependent on the full cooperation of those present. As they journey back by exploring their original intentions (as Spirit) before arriving in this reality, they will discover their true purpose and align themselves with the unvarnished Truth. It will be in the sharing of individual epiphanies that coincide with the shared soul group agreements. Know dear one, they are kindred spirits and the true purpose (workshop) is to unite them (reacquaint them) to the higher purpose of all those present with you included. Therefor realize that the real value of your workshop is two fold. One is to disseminate information and the second is to empower through inspiration. Underneath it all is Spirit speaking collectively. We are delighted in the development of this kind of participation. Many will adore this experience and from it you will develop new skills necessary for future projects. Do not be concerned with the outcome. You are there (Hawaii) to rid yourself of your inhibitions and rise into your true calling. Be therefor mindful not to circumvent the process by trying to “run the show”. Let it expand organically and be magical.  Remember to be filled with joy. Play is closer to God. Think  on that statement. It is the reason we create. It is through the joyous union with God that we allow our light to shine brightly. You can no long try to dim God’s light. You never could. Only the arrogance of your ego believes it has the power to increase or diminish it. Let yourself be seen as who you truly are. Who We all are. The name of the workshop reveals it simply but so powerfully. Become the magnificent being that you are, until you “arrive” and finally understand that you always were and always will be as you are  now .........Magnificent. Love pours from us to you, through you and in all your creations. 

5/7/11 12:11a

5/7/11 11:27p We are here to remark on your understanding of today’s events. Let us begin with your friend, Ann,  who graciously channeled us on the materiel that was for your upcoming workshop and future endeavors. Her forecasting of the strong possibility of your moving and living in Italy is indeed a strong one. It is your deep desire to return “home” as you so often have done in previous lives. Three prominent ones produced a tremendous growth within your spirit and is the current impedance that drives you to your present yearnings. She reminded you (with our guidance) to guard against your desire for prominence. The ego wants to claim ownership of what your Sacred Contract with the Divine has been agreed upon. This agreement has within it the possibility for completion of a series of lives that are intertwined with ours. Its opportunity is for you to strive to give back what you had taken and abused in those lives. Your political position in one live within the papacy was one of excessive abundance that led to the ruin of many who held you in high esteem/regard. You used your position under the guise of piety to garner great wealth and respect, yet you lived a life of debauchery and ruined your opportunity to be of great service in a time that was fraught with hunger and misery and servitude. You are still feeling the effects of that life and its consequences. Since you have decided to return to the scene of your “crimes” you will be given a huge opportunity to heal yourself and others. The reason we are offering you some insight into this drama is because you already have agreed to do so and we are part of your decision. It is a blending of purpose for all of us to be able to witness the greatness of God’s plan, certainly not in the way of retribution, but for opening a pathway for many of those souls that were affected by those choices made in that life to choose again. It will become apparent when you reconnect. Now as far as having to choice between serving humanity versus aggrandizement, again and again as voiced by Ann, your channel is not totally correct. If you realize with your first  encounter to serve fully and not be seduced in receiving (taking), enjoying excesses or claiming “ownership”, you will not have to repeat the same scenario again. You need only remember to give freely with the intent to do od’s will and all will be provided for you. Now as we explained last night, we remind you that your workshop in Hawaii is also dependent on you “not running the show” but allowing God’s light to shine. It will be a wonderful opportunity to reconnect with those kindred souls that are eager to serve with you. Allow us the opportunity to inspire you to your highest good. Do not be concerned with succeeding or failing. Enjoy the framework being offered. It is the platform for exploring your soul’s potentiality. Reach for the highest good by using your talents as a believable communicator, who has walked many paths to get to where you presently are. It has been a teaching journey so that you will be believable so that you can be a role model for inspiring others to connect with their highest good. Just be honest with your feelings and give them an opportunity to create with you a sacred atmosphere to do the same. By sacred, we meet it is your instruction and visualization techniques that will allow your audience to make conscious contact with their healing team members along with yours to create an atmosphere that is loving and provides encouragement to explore their true Selves. You will have our loving support and guidance. Our vision is as clear as are our intentions to serve. We are united and interconnected as the movie, “I Am” explained so eloquently. The words, “I am”, as we have said before is synonymous with AM/OM/GOD. So are we all, dear one. Remember? Remain humble and stand tall in God’s  grace. 5/8/11 12:01a

5/9/11 11:40p We are with you. This evening with the channel Alcazar was very entertaining and for you helpful in reining in your energies. Yes, you and several members present did in fact contact their Higher Selves. However there was distortion of conscious contacts. Although the  methodology was effective, it could have been more instructive in  content. Let us explain. Alternate realities were briefly touched on and yet that is where most of you spent your time. No mention of how we(Federation of Souls and other Soul groupings) imprint/ impact your dimension, even though our dimensions were introduced. A degree of sensationalism with the use of theatrics did produce a desire to reacquaint each individual Aspect with their Higher Self, however many members present left feeling that they will need the presence of the metal framework to produce the necessary vibratory effect and without that device and entity contact they would not be able to successfully reach those altered states. We wish to empower you with this knowledge. Each of you are connected (as was stated), therefor you (Aspect soul) have within you all the knowledge and ability to access all the universal truths and  the innate knowledge to co-create vibratory pathways. We help you by inspiring you to remember your greatness and birthright. It is through Divinity that you will find your light and then be able to focus that light unto the world. Empowerment, not dependency is so important. So you see there were elements of truth sprinkled throughout the session, but the most important element not expanded was the element of being of service. It is through service that you will expand into your greater self and so by example awaken your brother. You are here in this reality to explore your creativity and discover that your potentiality is boundless. We have a deep commitment to inspire Truth/Godhood and to remind you of your deep desire to Be. You are here to BE Present as God through you. That is the message we will remind you time and time again, until you rejoice in knowing you are God being human and that that is the sum totality of expression. His work is helpful for bringing together those that are ready to reach and connect with their Selves and heal karmic wounds and that is admirable. He is of great service and is indeed spreading God’s light thorough channeling and using those tools that heighten the senses and creates a pathway. He too, is being guided by those Souls in other realms and so is his channel. Enough for now. Know that we are delighted with your searchings. Stay  curious and open. We are your brothers in Love. 5/10/11 12:17a

5/10/11 11:45p   Greetings Dear One. Tonight’s gathering of souls was a clan of lights that have come together to heal their tribe as the have many times before. Spanning generations of seers and healers, they have again assembled to heal each other’s wounds and mirror (teach) that healing to the larger tribe of humanity. What is most interesting is, that communication in this lifetime is much more complex than in past times verbalizing and gesturing which was closer to spirit. Now it seems more difficult because of the addition of complex technologies that hamper intuitive processes which promote individualism and separation instead of the opposite: cohesiveness through community and bonding. They are reintroducing these dynamics to their brothers and sisters in the business community. Using these interpersonal skills are not enough. It is the language of Spirit and feeling-tones that needs to be offered as it was the norm in days past. We are offering you these insights so that you  can be sensitive to your workshop participants. It is important to provide a common ground (denominator) for discussion and that is that the Higher Self knows that is part of ALL; no separation, no judgment, and no hierarchy. The Higher Self is always in tune to the needs of its Aspect Selves and nurtures and inspires, as We do to all we oversee. It is the interweaving of cooperation that produces the climate for creative exchange. It is through Creativity that your remember your Divinity and the reason why you choose to fragment yourselves. By this fragmenting we mean that you send out your intention to be actualized in different scenarios and dimensions to pinpoint your focus and experience yourselves. The feedback to the Higher Expression of your Collective Soul desires through its curiosity to expand and contract simultaneously and receives that stimuli constantly. It is the breathing in and out of its Self that gives it direction and that is what you also do in the micro while it is manifested in the Macro. Simply put, the inhalation is the knowing of its experience and the exhalation is it’s probing (creating). That is the micro of the Aspect Soul mimicking the Macro (Higher Self) of ALL/GOD. It is hard to verbalize, yet if you take a moment you can feel the knowing in every particle of your essence. We are imprinting and merging all of this communication in the most elementary way that we can so that you in your physical form can imagine its magnitude. As we merge our energies and vibrations, our communications will be maximized. You will experience our communication on more levels than three-dimensional. Actually, you already are experiencing Us in multiple  levels/dimensions/realities even probabilities that are not fully available to your consciousness. Understand this. You exist far beyond the physical, auric, ethereal, causal....yes beyond the Quantum and known and unknown galaxies. You extend beyond any boundaries that you can conceive and exist in worlds without end and within. Your scientific seekers/explorers are discovering that. Hold this thought: World within Worlds, Universes within Universes, explode and implode and still you are. Remain curious and joyful and open. We love you, boundlessly. 5/11/11 12:26p

 5/11/11 10:50p Endless possibilities birth new ideas that create dialogue and engages us with you. Again it is our joy to be present with you. Tonight we wish to ignite within you the passion to extend beyond your imaginations (image and nations). Let us explain. You have chosen as your sacred contract to imagine all the nations of your world as having one mind and that mind is one of cooperation and mutual support. The  historic model has been one created with divisions of boundaries. This model was born out of the collective ego’s distain for being of ONE. Because of ego’s understanding, it created nations, each born with a Superego that demanded separation and a unique identity. It (national superego) wanted more of itself to expand and stand apart in its own identity. It was mimicking a macro of the micro individual egoic mind so it multiplied and acted out within its created field of drama. This framework established a tribe and rules for governance. it is behaved as a mini archaic god (fashioned with human character traits) demanding allegiance from its inhabitants. It still is an old paradigm that uses dominance in the disguise of benevolence that convinces its populace that it knows what is best for the collective all. That mindset sets up a  boundary in which individual creative expression is limited and individual exploration out of its boundaries is discouraged. Now with the invention of the internet (interweaving of ideas and philosophies) a new shift of consciousness is occurring. You are now seeing disruptions in nature mirroring the breakdown of this mindset. More and more of your souls are waking up and stepping into their Higher Selves. It is why we are dialoguing with you. Many Lights are appearing in your world. Like the cosmos, stars are being born and new stirrings are being exchanges in this newer form of communication. Yesterday we spoke of tribes using verbal gesturing and how that was closer bond to Spirit. There is a  stronger pathway to spirituality being made manifest via the internet, a new blending of the verbal gesturing within a electronic format that is stimulating and re-calibrating all of you. In a very effective way, everyone with their ‘creations’ which all of you are exposed to using this medium causes you to vibrate at a higher frequency and allows exchanging energy exponentially on so many levels, the conscious, sub-conscious, collective and of course simultaneous vibratory Soul stimuli. This of course is rippling across universes and dimensions and is creating a field of intention that is beyond your grasp of the EVER EXPANDING INTENTION/GOD. We realize that you are having a difficult time revising and editing. Know that you are receiving it fully. It will take your time for it to re-emerge and be contextualize in a way you will be able to assimilate. Believe us. Rest and know that it is Truth. 5/11/11 11:53p