Guest Speaking

Jg is available to speak at a variety of events: Lectures, Spiritual organizations or small group gatherings. He captivates  audiences with stories about his awakening. Here is a list of  highlights:

  • Childhood psychic visions
  • Channelling an entity called "Brother" on the island of Guam
  • Spontaneous Healing from Stage IV lymphomia
  • NDE(Near Death Experience)
  • 45 day coma - Meeting his spirit guide,  Shayla
  • Jg's "Dark Night of the Soul" and soul awakening


Besides being a talented clear channel communicator, Jg is a Sacramento Elly award winning actor and director with a BA in Drama from CSUS Stanislaus, CA. He is also a longtime civic advocate of human rights, serving on numerous GLBT boards and was the interim Executive Director of Sacramento Gay/Lesbian Center. 

​He currently resides in Sacramento,CA with his loving husband, RJ and pets, Patches and Kiki.

Call RJ Bullen (916-842-6820) to discuss opportunities and pricing.