Kelly Poland  presents: "Authentic You!".

Kelly is a compassionate soul who seeks to deeply connect with others. With creative training in graphic design and spiritual training in energy medicine, her vision for the world is one of authenticity. She is a mother of two sons, consciously raising them from the heart. Kelly is a radiant light and a young shaman bringing her gift of divine connection to the world. 

Judy Guadalupe presents: "Joyful You - Embodying Our Fully Lit Souls"

Carolyn Cochran - is a Leadership Training Consultant with over 30 years in the field of training and development. She also considers herself an occasional artist & creativity advocate. Carolyn has been weaving spiritual principles into her training classes for government employees with a special focus on self awareness. She has coached leaders in looking at how they see themselves, how others see them and how they see the world. She also believes strongly that with self awareness each person can discover their own unique brand of creativity and ways to express it in the world.

Debbie Baker -  Dialogue Facilitator, Certified Mandala Art Facilitator, presents: “Reinventing Me; A Spirit Led Journey".

Debbie, founder of Creative Consciousness Rising ( )  is committed to supporting a paradigm of reflective awareness of ourselves, each other and the world; one human connection at a time. She works with others in personal and business settings to facilitate understanding of the power of living compassionately, with awareness, and mindfully honoring how we are all truly interdependent. Through healing mandala art, intentional dialogue, and other creativity tools, Debbie is passionate about helping others to explore their ability to heal themselves and the world, from the inside out.  As a retired State government executive, since 2010 Debbie has worked with a variety of audiences to help them experience their inherent gifts of inspired creativity, balance,  and harmony.

Presenters' Bios

July 16, 2016

 Judy delights in learning with others, to live in unity consciousness, to trust life, identify and surrender limiting beliefs, so that our eternal natures of love can be realized and shared.  Her playfulness and presence inspire passion, clarity,  joy and authenticity.   She expresses through written and spoken word, clear intuition, breath-work and sound healing. As a mother, author, soul walker and “inspirer of the soul”, she loves deeply.
 Judy has been featured in various radio shows and the television program "Good Morning Sacramento". She  created Freeing Our Goddance Women’s Awakening Intensives, Answering the Call of Your Soul Mini-Retreats for Adults, is Co-founder of Children of the New Earth Conferences and..... other fun stuff.