My  Mission

"Is to serve my brothers and sisters in their awakening of their truly Magnificent Selves capable of unlimited potential."


I have channeled my Higher Self, received guidance from the "Federation of Souls" and now know that Divine Intelligence/GOD has led me on this path since childhood to finally expose the Egoic myth that I am separate from you. 

I now realize that I lived a life full of resentments of a Past, daydreams of a Future full of "someday gifts and treasures", and dissatisfied with a lacking Present. 

 I have been told by spiritual Guides that most of us live our whole lives and die within that small Egoic myth, never realizing our truly Magnificent Self, full of unlimited potential.

It is my desire to be a soul messenger that inspires others to awaken to their true nature, through my channeling, readings, inspired spiritual workshops, plays, music and poetry. I believe that is why I'm still here after all my close encounters with death. 

I have agreed to be guided and used as an open vessel for TRUTH: "To simply wake up, even briefly, to the reality that we are divine, divinely connected to each other,
and that we are truly from the One Source."

​It is time to start waking up from our Mythical Sleepwalking.