"My Soul 's Messages"

8/19/2016  - Mission Accomplished? Your mission is to be the creative force, the breath, the desire of what has never been expressed, manifested in flesh. Just as you have your unique DNA that is the blueprint for your human form, there simultaneously exists a spiritual DNA that propels you to be expressed divinely. You can not escape the soul’s DNA’S desire for manifesting, but you can escape the human form. In essence, your DNA (divine nature activated) supersedes you physical desires and wants. Your Soul does not want, it does not yearn, it is constantly in bliss. Only when you turn your gaze away from yourself to look into your idea of OTHER  by creating time, space and individualism to experience separation that you thus becoming lost within your creation.

However, remember the Soul’s DNA carries the code that whispers to you to awaken from your illusions. You are so mesmerized with what you have created, yet, feel the pull of your Soul that you interpret as the reason for your existence/ purpose; a mission that must be accomplished.

There are countless conflicting thoughts;  all your questions looking for answers outside of yourself. You are the answer. When you tire of yearning and searching you will surrender, then and only then will there be a window for you to view us. We are with you always, never apart. As you slumber, we sing you truth, symbols for your dreams.

This life you live is for your delight and horror.  Fear and Love are polar opposites in your created world, but we assure you that Fear is but the shadow you cast of the Illuminated One. The ever presence of Love. You are Love, not the possessive, conditional idea you barter with each other.

So how will you know what your mission is?  
Simple...when you realize that this illusion you’ve created has become a self-imprisonment.

You need only realize that the idea of perfection has the idea of moving from imperfection. The truth is in knowing to embrace the beautific knowledge that we all are God. All you need do is surrender into  the loving embrace of the “One - ALL - Unspoken”. Rest in that idea as we hold you in comfort allowing you to desire to Love completely, unafraid, without consequence, without searching. Let it unfold as it will. You will wake up again and again until you tire no more for sleep. Then your Mission will be accomplished.

 5/19/16 - Healing within is a process by which you eliminate the idea you ever needed healing. All of you are entering a period of time when the healing of your planet is mirroring the healing of the individual. It is the opportunity to come together. To unify. The wounds of your past are just that PAST. Putting a psychic bandaid on it will not heal it. It merely provides a barrier, a barrier to outside infections. Wouldn’t it be better to get to the core of the wound, to heal from within; no barriers, just tender Love? If you want everlasting results.....tend to your wounds with Love. It is The Soul’s Ointment! 

One day you will not need the illusion of sickness, of the body, mind, spirit. Your awakening is assured. Your planet is showing you what you do not want anymore.

Some of you will go kicking and screaming into the Light. However you get there doesn’t matter.....for you have tasted perfection, it is still there whispering in your DNA. You have merely forgotten your Grandeur and like a wailing child, you lash out in fear. You will never be a wailing child for you are the beloved child of God. 

Your birthright is not the world you think you inhabit, far from it.......you are here with us always. It is your physical nature that obscures this fact: you have never needed healing. You will alway be perfect. Your world of illusion was conceived by your Ego’s perception/deduction based on its idea of separation. NO bandaids, no wounds, no need for healing from outside of yourself. Let that illusion go........Heal within by letting go, surrender your defenses. Heal within each other by being awakened to the Truth Eternal. Awaken to the wonder of who you are. Divine expressions of the One, indivisible.