"For New Beginnings" Follow-up
"The past is just echoes of the ego" 

May 16, 2015

Saturday, 1- 4 pm

(pay with cash/check at door)

Fulton Woods
1000 Fulton Ave, Apt #22
Sacramento, CA 95825

Greetings, Dear One!

Springtime had a new beginning and .. SO DID YOU! 
What a fantastic workshop we had. Thank you all for your particpation and testimonials.
And now, as part of the lucky dozen who registered for this event, you get to re-connect with the powerful energy of like-minded souls, in the sacred space of my home this Saturday, May 16th, 1pm.

You'll get to share with your "soul tribe" what has happened since you attended the "For New Beginnings" workshop, again meet your personal Soul Healing team, participate in a question & answer session, receive a mini reading and also hear channelled messages from "The Federation of Souls".

Whew! What a fun-filled, powerfully energizing  afternoon it going to be!                                              
Jg Soul Messenger


It's Springtime!

A time for new beginnings. A time for renewal and rebirth. A time to “Spring-clean”, declutter, plant and spruce your outer environment. It’s also a time for personal introspection, personal growth; losing weight, getting healthier/fit, career changes, improving personal and business relationships.It's time to let go of those past life events, resentments, disappointments that have kept you stuck, from reaching your full potential. It’s a time for letting go of that small egoic voice, whose philosophy is that the truth of who you are is the sum total of your accumulated past resulting in your present life situations and determining your future potential. My Guides, however, disprove that “philosophy” with their wonderful quote :-  “The past is nothing more than echoes of the Ego.”   So, you see, it is just the ego’s misguided small story, a colossal Myth!
Come experience an exciting fun-filled afternoon workshop where you will create a new exciting version of yourself, fully present, with renewed hope for a brighter future! Let go and let God. Let go of all that holds you back and spring forward into action with positive energy from your personal healing team of Souls, cheering you on, showing you your true self, your truly Magnificent Soul creating anew.

 Yes, it’s Springtime!

It’s your time… for new beginnings!   

April 18, 2015

Saturday, 1-4:30 pm


"For New Beginnings" 

"The Past is just the "Echoes of the Ego".......Jg

​​​An afternoon workshop of stepping into

a granduer version of yourself,

sharing heartfelt dialogue 

with Jg & the "Federation of Souls" 

"Instead of creating new year’s resolutions,

come attend this empowering event

and discover lasting solutions!" 

This all day joyous interactive event will show you how to take those Ego’s myths that have kept you “sleepwalking” with doubts, limitations and victimhood  and  transform them into those wonderful hiddden talents/gifts, revealed to you through your Soul's perspective, freeing you to share them with others on this planet and discovering who you truly are.

In a loving, sacred supportive atmosphere,  you will:
Create a Life Storyboard -e
xamining your feelings from your Ego"s and then from    your Soul’s perception in  the following  four areas: 

    Early Childhood Impressions, Major Life Milestones, Life Roles, Goals & Dreams ​

                    Experience a Guided Meditation
                    Meet your personal healing team of Guides and Angels,  
                    Write Your Sacred Soul Contract Statement
                    Discover Hidden Gifts and Talents
                    Design "Your Soul Logo"

                Change how you interact in daily living 

Saturday, Jan 17, 2015  10am-5pm  

“Meeting My Magnificent Soul”

(A joyful explorative journey of personal discovery) 

$85   ($70 - Early Bird till 12/31/14)

(Includes all workshop material)

This afternoon event consists of two parts.

Part 1
 Jg will share some of his amazing  encounters/visions that he encountered with his guide, Shayla, while in a three week coma resulting from his spontaneous healing of Stage 4  lymphoma of the liver. He will also read  excerpts from material channelled by "The Federation of Souls"( a collective group of 12 enlightened beings from the Quantum field of reality). There will also be an opportunity for questions/group comments  before we take a break.

Part 2 
Jg will  channel a reading of the group from the "Federation of Souls"  followed by a question and answer period. He will  also contact the individual personal "Soul Healing Team" of 2 lucky event participants, giving each of them an overview of their life purpose including those past life/lives which are affecting their present life circumstances.

"Come! Enjoy the wonderful energy of being with other like-minded souls as we access "heart 2 heart" the collective wisdom from both the "Federation of Souls" and our collective soul healing teams.  Learn how we can use this knowledge daily in our interactions with our loved ones, co-workers and other beings on the planet. You will leave energized with an open heart!"

February 21, 2015

Saturday, 1:30 - 4:30 pm

$25 (suggested love donation)

"Heart to Heart" 

The Pathway to Loving Yourself & Others 

Sacramento Friends Meeting House
890 57th Street

​Sacramento, CA 95819