Reading Testimonials

 "I just I wanted to thank you for being a channel for my healing team to come through, it was a very powerful time with you. There was SO MUCH information for me to take in." 

Dean.....Pahoa, Hawaii 

"I think you are the most powerful and clear channel I know.  I really don't get readings/channelings because I always trust the answers I get that deeply affect my heart that come through from Source.  However, you are way different from all the rest. I think you are a very evolved soul, with strong hearts in all dimensions of you, and mostly, you have integrity and are very humble and are God connected. It is an honor to know you." Marion.....Fair Oaks, CA

   "I had a question  that I was contemplating asking and JG gave me the response from my healing guides without my verbalizing it..and it was a subject we hadn't even been discussing!" 

Reine.....Sacramento, CA

  "I want to thank you so much for connecting me to my "healing team." I felt so light, so at peace and so positive about the future after our time together." 

Elana.....Roseville, CA

  "Your channeling was the best and most helpful because the information given applied in such a way as to help me to "GET" it!  I recommended you to some friends and will continue to do so."  

Jean.....Sacramento, CA

 "The insights into my life from  the reading were amazing and so freeing." Catherine.....Kona, Hawaii 

 "Thank you so much for the healing was like talking to someone who knew me very well.  Thank you again. You are very gifted and a delight to talk to." 

LeeAnn..... Los Angeles, CA

  "The information you provided about my past lives helped to clarify so much about my current fears that held me back.  I walked away from our session feeling more confident and stronger in making decisions about my future. I will definitely be back." 

Evelia..... Fair Oaks,CA
"You confirmed my thoughts in so many ways, and at the same time added some helpful nuances. Namaste! "

Jan.....Sacramento, CA

  "I was in charge of hiring all the psychic readers for a metaphysical bookstore in Sacramento, California.  I have never seen a clearer channel than Jg.  He is amazing.  I highly recommend a reading and healing with him." 

Sonya.....Sacramento, CA

​"My soul wants me to know that I’m a powerful woman. I am stronger than I know. But I am strong in a gentle way.Ebbing and flowing, yet expanding and evolving.Changing, but not changing me. Becoming more and more me. Getting to know myself in a new way. Discovering parts of me that I never knew existed. Realizing that what I admire about other people is already in me, I just need to access it. Realizing that what I don’t care for in other people is already in me, I just need to recognize this to lay it to peace. Realizing that I can do whatever I want to do—that when I’m authentic and true to myself, everything will unfold naturally as it’s meant to be.That fear is a sign that I’m on the right path. That rather than feeding the fear or focusing on it too much, I need to recognize it, understand what it means to me, and then move forward. Not to apologize for who I was, who I am, or who I am going to be."  


"Many thanks to you for the awesome channeling that I received from you last Saturday. I loved that you  came to share your knowledge, talent, and wisdom with us. I have listened to my tape several times and can hardly believe how accurate you are. I can hardly wait for our group reading for the four of us. I am in a business partnership would love for you to come in and do a group gathering and channeling in our new store, as well as channeling for my two business partners and myself. Thank you again for adding to an awesome beginning of a new year!" Marion ....Sacramento, CA