Workshop/Event Testimonials:

"Myth to Magnificence"


  • Jg's story of coming into himself realizing his "DNA"(Divine Nature Activated) is inspiring. Watching him display the courage to be fully who he is and do what God has put him on this earth for, despite self-doubt that's human nature makes me want to learn more about my own "DNA" and how to manifest it. Charlene G.
  • Refreshing. A wonderful experience. Cristi I.
  • Jg, I am drinking this up. I'm very interested in the other side of the veil. Norton
  • My spirit is soaring! Jean S.
  • Thought provoking and inspirational! Pat S.
  • Jg helps me validate what my higher self believes and leave my small self's myths behind. Reine T.
  • Very illuminating and grounding day of information on highly spiritual topics but beautifully experienced in a great and explanatory way. Bill S.
  • Jg, Thank you for a great talk. It validates many things for me. This includes my own experiences and validation for my own journey and things I've been going through. You are clear and awesome. Much love. Jeanie Ross.
  • #1. Love the enlightenment shared. #2. Love the truth of the presentation. #3. A very entertaining manner of presentation. 
  • DNA. My divine nature was activated! Gail F.
  • Jg is inciteful and inspirational in his presentation of life and spirit. Linda K.
  • Jg's seminar was fascinating and heartfelt. He struck a chord in my soul. The time just flew by. Sunny L.
  • Jg. An eye opener! "First i was blind, but now I see!" Lamarr
  • Jg, you are one true channel and the insights I receive from you are invaluable. Kathy N.
  • Jg, your seminar is delightful, informative and so uplifting. Thank you for providing insight in an accessible way for us all. Juanita
  • Heart opening experience and one great lesson. We are all connected. Sophie L.
  • It makes sense. It feels right. R. Baker
  • This workshop was great! Just what I needed at this time in my life. So moving! So timely. Thank you, Jg. Celestine C.
  • Jg, you are so beautiful! I knew this the first time I met you at SLC at Sac City College. I received so many confirmations that we came from the same group of entities, eons ago. Thank you for being you. I recognize you and love you dearly. May you and yours always be happy. Much love. SaEda
  • Great Session! 

"Heart to Heart"


  •  Jg is an authentic healer who reaffirmed exactly what I always felt. His presence is uplifting, honest, and above all real! He has the true gift for anyone in transition. I am going to see him again tomorrow and I am so blessed to have found him! Thank You Jg. Mellissa G.
  • "When I first heard about the Heart to Heart workshop, I was intrigued. Then I thought, I'm not ready for this; it's too crazy! I dismissed my interest. A couple weeks later, I was reading an email from Jg about the event and lit up like a 1,000 watt light bulb. It was such a powerful reaction, I could not deny it. Some part of me was screaming - Go! I followed this inner guidance and am ABSOLUTELY glad I did." Kris C.
  • My soul wants me to know that I’m a powerful woman. I am stronger than I know. But I am strong in a gentle way. Ebbing and flowing, yet expanding and evolving. Changing, but not changing me. Becoming more and more me. Getting to know me in a new way. Discovering parts of me that I never knew existed. Realizing that what I admire about other people is already in me, I just need to access it. Realizing that what I don’t care for in other people is already in me, I just need to recognize this to lay it to peace. Realizing that I can do whatever I want to do—that when I’m authentic and true to myself, everything will unfold naturally as it’s meant to be. That fear is a sign that I’m on the right path. That rather than feeding the fear or focusing on it too much, I need to recognize it, understand what it means to me, and then move forward. Not to apologize for who I was, who I am, or who I am going to be.  Julie H.
  • Loved it!! Jg's program was just what I needed to experience! A great confirmation for me of the path that I am on. Thank you, JG, for sharing your gift! Kathy B.
  • Oh, I was walking on clouds after the "Heart to Heart" workshop! Jg truly creates a marvelous space and my spirit soared. I've noticed a more calm centeredness in the following weeks. Gratefully, Marcia​​​​​​

"For New Beginnings"


  • What I received today was a clear message that there’s nothing else I need to do, but let it (my story/Past) go. I’m whole and beautiful. I can’t have it (freedom), until I let go of my Past. Thanks, Jg for being part of my healing team. Jen

  • The workshop got me thinking that I’ve been in a new beginning for quite awhile now. It all started when I awakened to the fact that I had been living in the ego. It’s good to know that as I align with Spirit, I am being who I really am – one with God. Esteban

  • Jg has a wonderful perspective and ability to help us (me) to see the magnificent being that I am. The Past is just that…The Past! Faymarie Mayes

  • I truly feel that the Past is DONE and that the beautiful soul that I’ve always denied has stepped forward. Kim W.

  • I’m leaving the workshop feeling centered and peaceful, confident like my usual best Self (filled with Spirit and Love). Both the format and Jg were great. The design, delivery and especially the music leading into seeing my “Magnificent Me” were great. It was (the workshop) as expected only better. Cecile DeCuir

  • Great workshop. I would have liked to hear more about the “Federation of Souls”. I really felt their presence. I felt safe and open to the experience. I feel empowered to move forward now with a New Beginning! Toni Leigh

  • This was an amazing seminar. I have a new beginning. I will never forget that I am a perfect being – created in God’s Light!! I love my new life. I am what God created me to be – Perfect! Aleta Jones

  • I connected to people I would otherwise have not connected. Lisa Trull

  • Jg is still evolving and created a loving safe space for me to experience the power of “I Am”! Maria S.

  • Jg, a wonderful, spiritual presenter, takes the “suffering badge” and shows the way to shred it for a new badge of Freedom. Lois

  • An extremely enjoyable experience. Got to share with like-minded Souls. Barbara

  • Jg has brought me the courage to look within. To believe I deserve to let go of the pain and enjoy what is ahead. A true awakening! Love, Faithful Follower,  Kimberly Ann Cox-Trull

  • I enjoyed the connection to everyone in the room at the “For New Beginnings” workshop. Jg is great at making you feel comfortable in sharing your life experience and putting it all together. Thank you Jg. Linda Kirby

  • For a moment I  spread my wings and fly… I am soaring. Then my mind interjects rational thinking, which always has limitation, but I am now aware of the limitlessness of life and the playing field has transformed. Kris C.

  • Powerful, Peaceful, Positive! Nancy

  • Jg has been life-changing for me. I enjoy everything about his presence. He is always right on the mark. Julie H.

  • To watch Jg create the safe comforting space for such a diverse crowd is an experience not to be missed. When that space comes to your heart it’s unforgettable. A gift beyond measure. S.W.

  • I hope all my beginnings are as fruitful. Jg is love. Ronnie Crawford

  • This was an excellent opportunity. I appreciated hearing about Jg’s background. Hearing this reinforced my belief in miracles.

  • I had a good experience. I really enjoyed meeting new people. I loved all the people ready and willing to make a change and start a new beginning! Thank you for this opportunity.

  • Today was enlightening. I am coming to realize I can just “be”. I don’t have to “do”. I also realized I do not have to replace a commitment when one ends. Thanks for a great afternoon! Kim C.

  • Enjoyed the flow of the day. Good learning.

  • Jg – Great workshop – Beautiful energy. Thank you. D.B.

  • I felt at peace; found my self-worth and freedom from the Past.

  • You take me to a place that I have never been to before. Thank you for the new beginning workshop. Joyce Waggoner

  • I left inspired!

  • Thank you for bringing me to all these other awesome people. I loved meeting everyone!! Mel

  • Energized. Hopeful. Lighter.

  • Very uplifting experience! Loved connecting with my Higher Self. A very safe and sacred space.

  • Well, you were solidly and clearly guided today. The energy was concise and knowing Truth,  helping others – mmmm. Releasing the old patterns – Yes. Lynn

  • What an enlightening and emotional experience to step out of Self and lift up into Light and Beauty. I felt safe to be me, welcomed and secure. Corah

  • Thank you, Jg. It was a beautiful and joyous afternoon for me and I am grateful for your invitation and the wonderful way you have of putting together a workshop. Man, your success and beauty continue to expand in Divinely guided ways. Diane
  • Jg, thank you from the bottom of my heart. You are making such an impact in my life, but I get to watch it happen for others as well. Thank you for being a part of my journey. Jg, you are definitely a guiding Light that is truly assisting me to where I'm supposed to be. With all my love. Julie
  • Thank you for sharing your light on Saturday. so enjoyed it, put some things together about myself and met some wonderful people. Esteban
  • Thank you...I'm not on my journey of New Beginnings. Cecile